Monday, June 17, 2013

Drug Laws Censor Science

Kurzweil's blog reports on Professor David Nutt's recent paper, "Effects of Schedule I drug laws on neuroscience research and treatment innovation."

"This hindering of research and therapy is motivated by politics, not science," said Professor Nutt. "It’s one of the most scandalous examples of scientific censorship in modern times."

They argue that the use of psychoactive drugs in research should be exempted from severe restrictions. "If we adopted a more rational approach to drug regulation, it would empower researchers to make advances in the study of consciousness and brain mechanisms of psychosis, and could lead to major treatment innovations in areas such as depression and PTSD," Professor Nutt said.

fMRI image from Nutt's research showing decreased cerebral blood flow in certain areas of the brain after administration of psilocybin:

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