Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Largest Psilocybin Dose in an FDA Study

This is the personal account (i.e. trip report) of a participant in a phase I clinical trial for psilocybin.  If I were to map this onto a Buddhist progress of insight map, it sounded like the person was dealing with the unsatisfactory states in the first two trips and in the 3rd trip described here finally broke through into equanimity.

I was pure awareness, but there was no awareness. I was pure consciousness, but there was no consciousness. There was a sense of pure wisdom and knowledge, but there was no wisdom or knowledge. It was a state of perfection, but there was no perfection. There was no desire. There was no emotion. There was no bliss. No oneness. No unity consciousness. There was nothing. This state was a perfect state. This state, which was not a state, was above all.

The trial used three increasing doses, 0.30 mg/kg, 0.45 mg/kg, and 0.60 mg/kg.  For a typical 70 kg person, this would equate to a dried mushroom dose of around 3.5 grams, 5.3 grams, and 7.1 grams.  This person can claim the "highest" dose because they were heavy, around 98 kg.

And this was an FDA study.  There is an unpublished UNM study that Rick Strassman was involved with that used even higher doses of 0.90 mg/kg and 1.10 mg/kg, for reference our 70 kg person would be taking around 11.2 and 13.8 grams of dried mushrooms, some prodigious doses.  It should be noted that at the highest dose they noted that a "confusional state" was induced.

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