Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Call To Further Open Up Research on Psychedelic Drugs

Former U.K. government drugs adviser Prof. David Nutt of Imperial College London has said that “overwhelming” regulations should be relaxed to enable researchers to experiment on mind-altering drugs.

Nutt calls for legalizing magic mushrooms.  Certainly Portugal's drug policy with 10+ years of legalization for personal amounts of pretty much every recreational drug has been an overall success, although I don't run into many people who are even aware of that particular situation.  Maybe we need a Portugal awareness movement.

My view is that at minimum we need to consider Stan Grof's idea of having legally approved centers where anyone who can pass certain basic physical and psychological tests could have access to a psychedelic experience in a safe environment.  In my view, it's just too important an experience to ignore, with too many positive implications for society.

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