Sunday, January 22, 2012

Piracetam - Psychedelic Catalyst - II

Reporting on a second experiment with piracetam and psilocybin.

Last time around I waited until I was coming down a bit, and the results were great.  This time I decided to go ahead and dose the piracetam (1/2 gram) at the same time as the mushrooms (1 gram), also adding one softgel capsule of Cognitex, a product that is a grab bag of "cognitive support" type nutrients including a number of choline enhancing nutrients as well as vinpocetine, a smart drug in its own right.

Spectacular enhancement of the psychedelic effects.  I would be tempted to say that the effects were magnified by a factor of, I don't know, maybe 2-6 times (probably a doubling, similar to other MAOis).  One of the most "sparkly" clean clear upbeat trips I've had, with strong visual effects.

I would normally hesitate to even refer to a 1 gram (technically 0.91 grams) dose as a "trip," but with the piracetam this amount becomes a big deal, a very big deal.  I suspect the choline and vinpocetine of the Cognitex may have added to the enhancement of the piracetam (much later, I am doubting this).  James South wrote a research-heavy article about piracetam where he suggests that other nootropics or even caffeine potentiate piracetam's effects, although I suspect that while logical, this statement is somewhat speculative.  Probably more important is that this time I took the piracetam before the body began to process the psilocybin, so there was more substance to enhance.

Really nice.  Only thing out of the ordinary is that I did notice I sweated a bit, something I believe I've experienced on high dose trips in the past.  (I have not experienced this on subsequent trips.)

Yeah.  That's pretty amazing.

So I'd have to classify this experience like a high dose trip.  It is slightly different, but a really nice flavor.  But there is some intensity, a kind of excruciating pleasure associated with an experience like this, and I find that nitrous oxide is the perfect salve to sooth any tension that comes up.
EDIT:  I should also add the standard disclaimer about MAOi effects (for piracetam this was observed in the striatum of rats) - be careful with this combo, start low.  I have a friend who is interested in this combo who is on SSRI's, and I would be very cautious about that particular mix, even though SSRI's tend to mute the effect of psychedelics.  Probably have her try a small amount of piracetam with the SSRI alone while sober, see how that goes, I've seen one report of problems with that combo.  If that went well, perhaps try a small amount, maybe 50mg, with psilocybin.  It's fast acting, so it's very easy to add more, but like salt in a stew, you can't take it out once you put it in.

Also please see Revisions on Nitrous Oxide and Piracetam for more info on piracetam.

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