Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Nitrous Oxide Harm Reduction

With Demi Moore in the news for going to rehab for Nitrous Oxide, or whippets, we begin to see a bit of a horror story spin, emphasizing a couple of deaths out of 12 million users.  I certainly don't want to overly discount any danger, but I think it is irresponsible to use scare tactics while providing zero information about harm reduction, given that people are going to use it.

  1. Take B12 beforehand, no exceptions, sublingual preferred
  2. Take methionine, this may be as important as B12
  3. Take B6 and folic acid as well
  4. Take neuroprotectant substances such as curcumin, carnosine, various polyphenols, and cannabis.
  5. Always breathe in more air than nitrous oxide.  Don't use a tank or any method that could lead to asphyxiation.
  6. Limit it your use of it.  Frankly, in a balanced life, I'm not sure recreational drugs of any kind are justifiable for everyday use.

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