Saturday, March 3, 2012

Psychedelic Trip Guides

A comprehensive listing of Psychedelic Trip Guides, intended to improve one's chances for a positive, spiritual/therapeutic experience and reduce harm by understanding proper set and setting.

My personal simple recommendation would be to lie down and trip with your eyes closed ("lay down and stay down"), and let everything be as it is.  And although it is not commonly mentioned in these guides, having a regular meditation practice prior to tripping can be really helpful.

Lying down and tripping with your eyes closed while listening to appropriate music can be very powerful.  It greatly helps to internalize the experience and makes visuals more apparent.  I first came across this recommendation by way of Stan Grof's book LSD Psychotherapy.  While many will trip exclusively in other contexts, I would strongly suggest you try this some time, or particularly if it is your first time.

Listing of Trip Guides:
  • EntheoGuide ( aka Meeting the Divine Within by the Guild of Guides
Regarding the use of psychedelic drugs in psychotherapy:
Particularly in the context of tripping at events:

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