Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Meditation Practice Journals from the old Kenneth Folk Dharma Site

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This is a sampling of the meditation practice journals that were ongoing in the heyday of the old Kenneth Folk site during the flowering of the Pragmatic Dharma scene.  As Kenneth put it, these threads contain gold - the actual step by step progress and in many cases, instruction, of yogis systematically making their way through the nanas, jhanas, and paths.  Note that for the rapid progress we often see in these journals, one need not become a monk and devote decades of full time practice - an earnest practitioner with a daily practice can work their way thru a few Burmese paths in as little as a few years.

The primary technique here is the method of meditation espoused by Mahasi Sayadaw, in which practitioners endeavor to make a mental note of what is roughly predominate in their field of awareness, at a rate of about one note per second, silently, or out loud if necessary.  It is very difficult for the mind to wander when noting out loud at the rate of one note per second, and I suspect that is a big clue to the success of this or any method, practicing "original mind".  The approach outlined in this material (as well as tons of other stuff on the site and on Dharma Overground as well), what can I say, it worked for me.

A selection of meditation practice journals, mostly from the archive at Awake Network:

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